For Windows

Screen Capture

LitecamHD Screen Recorder

It is the powerful and professional screen recording software for Windows PC where you can capture any area of the screen in a high quality manner. You can do recording from streaming videos, webinar, live game play and more. LiteCam HD screen recorder lets you to create instructional videos, tutorial, demonstration and presentation in a single click. This program has a simplified user interface that reduces complex setting and has NVIDIA CUDA, AMD APP, Intel Quick Sync Video for improved computer performance. The Litecam HD runs with low cpu usage and experience no lag while recording.

Lossless high compression:

The RSUPPORT screen capture codec gives you higher compression and 30% faster speed compared to techsmith. In this there will be no change in the screen quality compared to the original video.

Convert it various format:

You can convert your recorded videos into MP4 or WMV format and also share the captured video to various social media sites like facebook, Youtube and more.

Mouse cursor effect:

There is also option to highlight your video tutorial with mouse effects to draw viewers attention by drawing or typing text over the screen in any color or size.

Scheduled recording:

You can set start and stop time automatically by setting time when you have other work to do. In scheduled recording it does not require your presence and after the screen capture is over you can turn off the system.

Add titles and logo:

This feature lets you to add video titles and ending credits to the video which makes other's to understand easily.

Extract audio from recording:

This feature allows you to extract sound/audio or background music from your recorder video and it is also best for studying foriegn language where you can extract sound from dramas and speech video.

Benefit of LiteCam HD for Windows;

It is used in various field like business, education and developer. In business there is requirement for sharing of information to partner, employees and other's to reach large number of audience. Presenter can easily record webinar in high definition and then share it with others. Application developer use screen recording and mirroring which is highly beneficial in development stage and to show how the application is functioning and to show the errors in the app.

You can also save online streaming videos and conference which may be very important for business or personal use. Litecam HD makes lets you to save google hangout and skype video. Screen capture program is also used in company to ensure that employees are following the company rules. It helps track the how the employees are interaction with customer during chat and call conservation. This software is used to check the efficiency of the employee and helps to rectify the employee mistakes. You can keep training for the employee to enhance the performance. There are many benefits of Litecam HD screen recorder and easily communicate without using words to make other's understand.